REBEL MARS! is dedicated to the Martian revolution. The Martian Resistance was formally founded in 2150, and adopted the name Free Mars for it's political wing and the Martian Militia for it's military wing. It was formed from a number of the Martian resistance movements and was unified into the political and military force that ultimately led the liberation of Mars. Eventually members of Free Mars would form the majority of the first Martian Parliament.

SSTO Craft open up the skies

SSTO Craft open up the skies

The development on SSTO (single stage to orbit) ships helped open up space exploration as it drove costs down. Pictured is a Chinese PLA SSTO shuttle, the SS Ze Heng orbiting Earth in 2150 AD.

Inside a Space Colony

Inside a Space Colony

Once the construction infrastructure was established in space, particularily in the the asteroid belt, it was relatively easy to construct huge space habitats, here we are inside Haven, the largest colony at the time, commisioned in 2221 and launched in 2230 AD.

Image Credit:
Image produced for NASA as part of a series of Space Settlement studies performed by NASA Ames Research Center in 1975-1976 which resulted in the NASA report "NASA SP-413: Space Settlements - A Design Study".

Terrans loose some orbital assets

Terrans loose some orbital assets

In this dramatic shot, two Firestars attack and destroy a Terran refuelling station in LMO over the Mons.

'59 Mustang

'59  Mustang

The Mustang was one of the early SUVs. Combining a rugged Ford 6 wheel chassis with a sleek body and some sexy advertising, the Mustang changed the Martian Rover forever. Pictured here is an early one from 2159, the pride an joy of Mr Kim Song, a miner from Outreach.

Birdman of Titan

Birdman of Titan

Pictured here is one of the 'Birdmen of Titan' rising high above Cassini, Titan's capital, sometime in the 23C.

Featured Video: Form 21C archieve - Curiosity Rover

Martian News Archives from 21C

We are reporting from the decade prior to the first landing.
These were the current Martian news topics, on this day, early in the 21st Century.

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Book 1: Mars Rebels

Book 1: Mars Rebels

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