It took a few hundred years of 'imagining' spaceflight before humans were able get to the moon, and it will take a similar 'imagining' to get people to live on Mars. It's not a technical issue, after all the technology of the Apollo program could have easily been used to get to Mars, if the political will and dollars had been available.

This site is our attempt to get people to actually imagine living on Mars, and in our own way contribute to humanities next big step, living on another planet. I expect it won't happen until things are more desperate on Earth, and it will be mining that provides the intial economic impetus. Once humans colonise Mars, the asteroid belt will soon follow and ultimately a part of humanity will become full time space farers. The technology required to live permenently in space will enable the 'space colonists' to look even further out, firstly to the outer system and ultimately the stars. So Mars is a really important first step. Anyway, we hope you enjoy the site!

Development Team:TeamXbow

Artwork & site design:CD Xbow

Games testing & Arcade Manager:Tom Xbow

Business Manager:The Sugarman

Story Author: Emily K

Site Host: Dreamhost.com - still the best ISP in the system

Contact: via: http://rebelmars.org/contact

Influences: Kim Stanley Robinsons' wonderful Mars trilogy has been a huge influence, indeed we sort of thought the site as his books in pictures. L Hartmanns 'Travellers Guide to Mars' has also been very helpful. The scenes of Mars as depicted in Babylon5 (still the best TV space opera ever!) were very influencial. David Webber military scifi novels influenced our thinking about war in space.

We have used a lot of information from the various NASA, JPL and ESA sites related to Mars missions. The Wikipedia has been a font of useful knowledge as usual. L Hartmanns 'Travellers Guide to Mars' helped with geology and thinking about water on Mars.

Image Credits: We have used many images from many of the robot Martian missions, including from MGS. MO, etc. They feature in the Natural Mars and Eye on Mars Gallery. Many of the backgrounds of other pictures and the rocks in the foregrounds have been taken from these missions. We like the idea of using real Martian rocks in the artwork. makes it sort of real.

We have also used screenshots from a number of games, including from the Halo series, X3, Cube 2 and from Mechassault. This is a very effective way to get backdrops, quickly.

Occasionally we have used images from artists we have found on the web. When we do this it is done in the believe that those pictures were in the public domain and we provide the appropriate image credit. If you find any images that you believe are not in the public domain then contact us via http://rebelmars.org/contact

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