Mars 3D Models

  • Coming Soon!.
  • 3D game ready models in Quake and Milkshape formats.
  • Includes Martian domes, spacecraft, battle suits & more.
  • Release Date: Early in 2019.
  • Open licences for use in your own game projects. .
  • Note: they are a 'side effect' of our game projects - see

NASA - has a good collection of models

Books - Mars related non-fiction:

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Mars Mars Fiction

Books (others):

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Papers, Reports, and Pamphlets:

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  • Ad Astra - The National Space Society
  • Aviation Week & Space Technology
  • The Mars Underground News - The Planetary Society
  • The Planetary Report - The Planetary Society


  •, moderated newsgroup
  •, moderated newsgroup
  • Jenks, Ken. Humans in Space, Web site, Johnson Space Center, 1995.


  • Landing on Mars. Cambridge: NASA, 1987. Account of the Viking mission.
  • Together to Mars. Burbank: The Planetary Society, 1987. Discussion of a joint U.S.-Soviet manned Mars mission.

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